The PCMS process charts
    your file on a direct course
    while keeping a keen eye
    on continuous improvement.

  • Continuous Improvement Model

    Identifying and solving problems as they occur.

  • General Liability Defense

    Applying process, driven
    by the PCMS Standard Work Instructions Manual.

  • Property Damage Recovery

    Investigate, prosecute
    and collect damages from negligent parties for damaged utility equipment.

  • Property Damage Defense

    When equipment fails, utility companies can be the target of lawsuits. PCMS can respond to the scene, gather the data, and preserve necessary evidence.

About Us

Professional Claims Management Systems (PCMS) has represented and
defended the electric and gas utility industries in and out of court for fifteen years. PCMS’ signature formula includes the Continuous Improvement Model that designs
work to see problems, solves problems as they occur, shares knowledge across the
enterprise and develops associates through teaching, coaching and mentoring.

Put PCMS’ experience in the utility industry to work for you.


Working to preserve your corporate assets
while protecting your image and reputation.

Dedicated to the Energy Industry

PCMS specializes within the energy industry, and is uniquely positioned to dedicate themselves to providing the best possible representation and defense for electric and gas utility companies. The PCMS process was designed to meet the needs of fortune 500 companies by providing real time representation to every case.

General Liability Defense

Along with industry partners, PCMS developed Standard Work Instructions (SWI) to manage the defense of litigated general liability claims. The SWI’s were designed to identify problems typically faced by large “target” defendants in personal injury litigation, avoid them when possible, and solve them as they occurred. Keeping with a response ready approach, the PCMS team is ready to come to your defense.

Property Damage Recovery

With thousands of miles of overhead and underground facilities that include conductors, insulators, transformers, natural gas mains, natural gas lines and other equipment, the utility industry’s equipment is exposed to damage from many sources. These range from high winds, lightning, and other forces of nature as well as excavators, joint users, and motor vehicle operators, to name a few. When the latter are involved, PCMS has a wide range of experience and tools to investigate, prosecute and collect damages from the negligent parties.

Property Damage Defense

Because of their size, utility companies are frequently the target of lawsuits. Customer equipment can fail for a variety of reasons, but whatever the actual cause, utility companies usually get the blame. Determining and proving the actual cause of equipment failure is a specialty of PCMS. Using its signature formula, PCMS can respond to the scene, gather the data, interface with local police and fire departments and preserve necessary evidence. If the utility company has some responsibility, PCMS has the experience to negotiate a fair settlement. If the utility company is not responsible, PCMS has laid the groundwork to defend the claim.

Asset Preservation

Whether the issue is collecting damages the utility company is owed or defending the utility company from claims, the mission is the same: preserving the company’s assets. PCMS understands asset preservation is dependent upon fast and fair claims resolution which is why PCMS’ claims process is designed to meet this criteria.

  • Immediate claim investigation

  • Accurate analysis of liability and damages

  • Consultation with client

  • Timely presentation of, or response to, claims

  • Fast and fair payment or collection of damages

  • File closure as soon as possible


Image and Reputation Protection

Well-managed companies know that their assets are not the only thing at risk in claims management. Their image and reputation is at risk whether they are trying to collect damages or are defending against someone else’s claim. The bottom line is that the way claims are handled and resolved will affect public attitude. Will they be judged as fair and reasonable or as uncaring bullies? PCMS’ claims process is sensitive to a utility company’s corporate values, image and reputation.

  • Recognizing that PCMS staff is the “face” of the utility

  • Treating claimants, witnesses, insurance adjusters, opposing counsel and others with respect

  • Negotiating firmly but fairly

  • Timely responding to communications from claimants, insurance adjusters, and others

  • Being mindful of others’ time, inconvenience, and sense of loss

  • Resolving the Claim